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Welcome to find that ingredient advertising.

Whether you're a large multinational company or a small delicatessen you have made the right decision choosing find that ingredient to help you sell your products.

Find that ingredient is a ground-breaking site aimed at those looking for food products or ingredients. We provide a unique service in the market place for those millions of people in the UK who regard themselves as 'foodies'.

We are the go to site for all these people; People who are actively searching for that elusive ingredient that may well be sitting on your shelves. They can turn to our site to find ingredients and we direct them to its source, whether that's a market stall, delicatessen or on-line supplier.

We offer a range of advertising opportunities including:

  • Banner advertising in standard 468 x 60 formats
  • Mini targeted advertising
  • Sponsorship of the entire site or one section
  • Affiliated advertising/discount schemes
  • Surveys

Find that ingredient

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